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Injured workers trust Robert A. McLaughlin, APC

"Do you represent public safety workers who get hurt on the job?" Yes. Robert A. McLaughlin, APC has great respect for public safety workers. We appreciate the often thankless job they do to help keep the people in San Diego County safe. And when they are hurt performing this valuable service, he wants to make sure they get all the resources they need.

Protecting the public can be a very dangerous job, and the risk of injury is higher than in other occupations. The injuries public safety members suffer can leave them with huge medical bills. They may be unable to work for a long period of time. They deserve the best medical care and the maximum amount of financial benefits the law allows. Our goal when we represent a public safety member is to make sure that's what happens.

In California, public safety members are covered under sections of the Labor Code. These provide injured workers payments of up to one year of full salary, with no income tax, and coverage for all medically necessary treatment.

"What types of public safety members can file for workers' compensation?"

The law covers safety officers covered under the County Employees Retirement Law or the Public Employees Retirement System. This includes:

Other public safety members eligible to file claims include harbor or port police, transit police, sheriff's deputies, probation officers and member of airport law enforcement. Apprentice officers and volunteer officers are also covered under the law.

A public safety member must file a claim for benefits within one year after the date of injury. But it is a good idea to have legal representation when filing a claim.

"How can you help with my workers' compensation claim?"

The approval of workers' compensation claims for public safety members is not automatic. Each case is reviewed and many are denied. If you've been injured on the job, Robert A. McLaughlin, APC can help you protect your rights.

After you file a claim, your employer will ask that you be examined by a doctor they choose. If this doctor disputes the seriousness of your injury, we can help you choose an approved doctor for a second opinion-one who will give you an unbiased and complete examination. We will make sure you have all the documentation you need to prove your injury. If your claim is denied, we will appeal the decision.

If you're a public safety member who has been injured on the job, we want to help. Our top priority is helping you get the medical care you need and the financial compensation you've earned. Contact us today to talk about your claim as part of our free case review. We can put our knowledge and experience in workers' compensation law to work for you.

"What risks do members of the California Highway Patrol face?"

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) protects motorists on our very busy highways, including the local stretches of I-5, I-805, I-15 and I-8. They are also the state police for California. It is the largest state police agency in the United States.

Many members of the CHP spend a lot of time on the highways, where tens of thousands of cars and trucks travel at high rates of speed. Whether riding a motorcycle or driving a car or SUV, a member of the CHP is at risk of being in a crash that can result in injury. Common injuries seen in traffic accidents can include injuries to the neck, back, head or spinal cord, as well as broken bones and internal injuries.

But they also face other dangers. They can be shot or assaulted. They can suffer strains and sprains in the normal course of their duties. When a member of the CHP is injured, he or she is often left temporarily unable to meet the physical demands of the job.

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"Are members of local and county police departments also at risk of workplace injury?"

Yes. There are thousands of local and regional law enforcement officers in San Diego County. They patrol our streets, pursue criminals and respond to calls from citizens in need of help. It's not an easy job, and they put themselves at risk each and every day.

In the course of their work, police officers get involved in physical altercations that can lead to strains, sprains and bruising. They can get shot. While patrolling the roads, they can get into a car accident, leading to serious injuries. And long-term, they can suffer mental and emotional stress, for example after witnessing a traumatic event.

Being injured on duty can leave officers with costly medical expenses while they recover. And they could miss time from their job while they get better.

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"Are firefighters also eligible for workers' compensation benefits?"

Most definitely. Firefighters have an extremely dangerous job that is very physically demanding. In addition to fires that break out in people's homes and in businesses, the area has also seen some major wildfires that burn for days. They wear protective gear but are still vulnerable to serious injury.

Strains and sprains are a common injury seen in firefighters, who often work with heavy equipment and help victims to safety. Other injuries are more serious, including burns, respiratory damage from smoke inhalation, cardiovascular damage and broken bones. Firefighters are also at risk for exhaustion, dehydration and mental and emotional stress.

In addition, firefighters can slip and fall, be hit by falling objects and breathe in toxic chemicals at a fire scene. They can sustain some of the most common workplace injuries. Many different types of injuries can require significant medical care and leave them unable to do their jobs for some time.

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