Workers’ Compensation Lawyer San Diego, CA

Attorney Robert McLaughlin to Receive Applicants’ Attorney Award

Attorney Robert McLaughlin has been named the 2017 recipient of the Applicants’ Attorney Award by the Workers’ Compensation Section of the State Bar of California.

The award recognizes attorneys for their knowledge of the law, professional courtesy, community service, professionalism, recent contributions to the practice of workers’ compensation, service to clients and advocacy skills.

McLaughlin has been practicing workers’ compensation law for more than 25 years in the San Diego area. He is the treasurer of the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association, and former president of its San Diego County chapter. He is also a frequent speaker on workers’ compensation issues at conventions and seminars. In 2013, his paper, “HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), the Privacy Rule and the Longshore Act,” was published in the Loyola Maritime Law Journal.

McLaughlin is scheduled to be presented with the award at the annual meeting of the State Bar of California in Los Angeles this September.

The award is among several Steve Jimenez Memorial Special Recognition Awards given by the State Bar each year. Jimenez was a certified specialist in workers’ compensation law in Oakland who had been very active in the State Bar and in the community.

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