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When Good News Is Bad News For Workers and Employers

California workers' compensation attorneyThe good news: Unemployment in recent months has leveled off at 3.6 percent, the lowest figure in about 50 years.

The bad news: That may not be good news.

Mark Walls, vice president of communications and strategic management for Safety National, explains in a recent Insurance Journal report. Walls said research shows workplace accident rates often rise when unemployment rates are low.

“We have had a significant shifting of people from not working to working, including people not working for physical reasons,” he said. “What the industry thinks we are seeing is that the new workers in the workforce are not as well trained and sometimes are not in as good physical condition.”

In addition, Walls said, injured workers increasingly are more likely to receive “mega-claim” settlements of $1 million or more.

New Trend for Older Workers

According to the National Council of Compensation Insurance, the number of workers 55 and older has nearly doubled since 2006. At the same time, the age group began suffering more work workplace injuries than younger workers. That’s the opposite from years ago, when older workers sustained fewer injuries than their younger counterparts.

Overall, according to James Lynch, chief actuary of the Insurance Information Institute, data shows insurer loss ratios at historic lows while employers experience double-digit decreases in premiums. Among the reasons he cites are the declining percentage of smokers, people eating healthier and a lower crime rate.

Except, again, when it comes to older workers. They are now more prone to accidents than their younger counterparts.

Seek medical attention, even if it seems minor

No matter whether you are 20 or 60, suffering a workplace injury places your way of life in jeopardy. It also thrusts you into the world of worker’s compensation, a complex maze likely to make your life even more difficult. You are not only fighting for your health, perhaps while unable to work, pay bills and provide for your family, but you are up against government bureaucracy, an employer who may blame you for your injury, and an insurance company that, recognizing your desperation, pressures you to settle for less money than you deserve or need.

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