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Occupational Hazards Landscape Professionals Face at Work

Landscaper wearing protective workwear trimming a hedge with an electrical saw.

Lawn care specialists, gardeners, groundskeepers, and other landscaping workers face a high risk of sustaining certain work-related injuries, according to Occupational Health & Safety magazine. This is why injured landscape professionals need to be aware of the legal options and benefits that may be available to them, including workers' compensation benefits.

Common landscaping work injuries

More than 70,000 people each year require hospital emergency room care due to lawn-mower-related injuries, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. That's nearly eight serious injuries every hour of every day.

In addition, 12,380 landscaping workers sustain work-related injuries or illnesses, and 122 landscape workers are killed nationwide in fatal workplace accidents, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Work-related injuries sustained by landscaping workers cover a wide range. According to Occupational Health & Safety magazine, common landscape work injuries or illnesses include:

  • Lawn mower injuries, including cuts, lacerations, and amputation injuries.
  • Heat exhaustion or heat stroke due to working in extremely hot conditions.
  • Conditions from exposure to dangerous chemicals and pesticides.
  • Hearing loss due to working with loud lawn equipment, including leaf blowers and lawnmowers.
  • Being struck by a falling object, such as a tree limb.
  • Being electrocuted by coming into contact with power lines.
  • Vibration syndrome injuries from lawn equipment, including lawnmowers and leaf blowers.

Side view of professional landscaper trimming hedge with pole saw.

Safety Tips

Landscaping injuries often occur due to an employer's reckless or negligent actions. However, companies can take steps to prevent injuries from happening, such as:

  • Providing landscaping workers with safety training. This is especially important if employees operate chainsaws, lawnmowers, or power tools.
  • Providing employees with safety equipment, such as noise-canceling headphones, eyewear protection, or safety gloves.
  • Ensuring employees take regular rest breaks, especially when it's extremely hot outside.
  • Providing workers with enough water to stay properly hydrated.
  • Regularly inspecting landscaping tools and work sites for possible hazardous situations.

Unfortunately, landscaping injuries still occur. When they do, it's critical that injured workers talk to a workers' compensation lawyer as soon as possible to review their legal rights and options.

How a workers' compensation attorney can help

If you or a loved one sustained a severe injury while mowing the lawn or performing other landscaping work as part of your job, it's crucial that you understand the legal options available to you. Otherwise, you could have to pay for your injury-related expenses out of pocket.

At McLaughlin & Sanchez, we can help you every step of the way. That's because we know how to investigate workplace accidents and understand how to navigate California's workers' compensation system.

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