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It's Good to Be the King!

A king crown made of gold isolated on plain background. Decorated with precious stones. It is a symbol of the fame of a kingdom.

That line comes from the 1981 Mel Brooks classic, "History of the World: Part 1." In the movie, Mel plays the lecherous King of France right before the French Revolution. He abuses his power as King to get whatever he wants, whenever he wants. After he is done getting his way, he stops, looks directly at the camera, and says, "It's good to be the King!"

In 2013, the California Legislature and Governor provided a maximum permanent disability rate an injured worker could receive for a work injury of $290 per week. Today, in 2024, it is still $290 a week.

The Governor of California and the Legislature are the Kings of California. For the fiscal year 2012-2013, the Governor of California's salary was $165,288. As of December 2, 2023, the Governor's salary is $234,101. A 42% increase.


The salary of a California Legislator was $90,526 in 2012-2013. As of December 2, 2023, a California Legislator's salary is $128,215. Also, a 42% increase.


California minimum wage in 2013 was $8 per hour. In 2024, the California minimum wage is $16 an hour. A 50% increase.


But for the workers in California, who truly make California "The Golden State" through their hard work and sacrifices when injured on the job, they can stay at $290 a week.

It is impossible to live in California on $290 a week and keep food on the table. No way, no how. I guess in Mel's move, the King, after getting his way and refusing to raise the rate to injured workers, would stop, look at the camera, and say, "Let 'em' eat cake!"

In California, it's good to be the King. But California injured workers are not Kings – they are paupers. Maybe, like in France, it is time for a revolution where we overthrow the old Kings and put in new Kings who truly appreciate the value of California workers.

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