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Attorney Robert McLaughlin Appointed Treasurer of Statewide Attorney Organization

California Applicant's Attorneys Association recognizes Attorney McLaughlin's service to the injured

Attorney Robert A. McLaughlin, founder of McLaughlin & Sanchez, is now Treasurer of the California Applicant's Attorneys Association (CAAA), his term having begun in September 2016.robert_mclaughlin

In 2004, Attorney McLaughlin became a member of the California Applicant's Attorneys Association, a well-known organization dedicated to serving and protecting the rights of injured workers since 1966. With 20 chapters throughout California, the organization is meant to be easily accessible to the local population. An extremely inclusive group, the CAAA does everything in its power to ensure that their clients come first-they even have a "Return to Work" fund that helps employees with financial needs throughout the difficult time of injury recovery and legal processes.

Attorney Robert McLaughlin has been working with the CAAA to serve as a panelist on numerous topics, known largely for his published work on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Working tirelessly with this esteemed organization for years has led to his recognition, and appointment to the position of Treasurer this past September.

As Treasurer, Attorney McLaughlin will be directly responsible for accurate and correct accounting of the CAAA's properties and business transactions as it pursues its mission to better advocate for injured workers throughout the State of California. He will also sit on the organization's Executive Board and will continue to speak at various events to advocate for workers' rights.

Attorney McLaughlin's work at the CAAA is a natural extension of his commitment to the rights of workers in San Diego and throughout California. We look forward to another year of successful advocacy for people hurt on the job.

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