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Empowering You With Your Rights

The law is a powerful tool for the injured and those who have been wrongfully terminated. It is a way to reclaim your rights and means to obtain justice.

At the firm of Law Office of Robert A McLaughlin, Attorneys at Law, we use the legal system to help our clients overcome serious injuries, wrongful behavior and financial adversity. We are determined to win in every case, because we know the difference that success can make in our clients' lives.

We Care About You and Your Future

At our firm, we are deeply motivated to achieve our clients' goals.

  • In workers' compensation and personal injury cases, we put a priority on helping our clients get the medical care they deserve. This is easier said than done. Insurance companies and the legal system place obstacles in the way. But we press every case forward until we get the maximum result that is achievable.
  • In personal injury and third-party workplace accident cases, we work to obtain compensation for injured people — not as an end in itself, but to help our clients to rebuild their lives.
  • In the area of employment law, we stand up for workers who have suffered discrimination and harassment. We believe that every employee has the right to work in an environment free of these illegal practices.
  • We help homeowners avoid foreclosure and reduce their mortgage payments, so they can begin to rebuild their financial lives.

Put Your Rights to Work for You

In your case, we will use the law and every means at our disposal possible to achieve your goals. We want to help you reclaim your rights, and achieve a better future for yourself and your family.

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